Huayi instrumentation, manufacturing, pilot technology.
     Shenzhen Huayi Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen, China, a digital instrument based test instrument tech enterprise, innovation and expand its resource allocation and Huayi meter advantage, its distinguishing feature is the industry experienced develop top talent pool and two decades most cohesive collection of elite management team, which will provide domestic and foreign merchants to show more professional Huayi instruments and their scientific and technological innovation of products.
     The company now has digital multimeter, clamp meter, megger, earth resistance tester, power tester, environment, and other special classes detector testing equipment 60 balance of product line, the company all products are designed to meet International Electrotechnical Commission safety standards
And get the latest EU CE-EMC/LCD, ROHS, REACH and other relevant certification, the company's strict ISO9001 quality management system and perfect after-sales service to ensure that customers around the world to provide quality of qualified products.
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