In order to create greater efficiency.
Create greater value for customers.
Create more opportunities for employees.

Enterprise environment
Create a harmonious working atmosphere and pleasant working environment.

Business goals
To professional service, fast response, excellent quality, casting one by the customers, employees, business consisting of the loop body, interlocking.

Corporate Vision
Casting well-known brand, and create business excellence.

Company Philosophy
That the domestic use of electronic test and measurement instruments provide customers with cost-effective services to the public. The customer is always first, service first.
We do not just repair, as well as a solid instrument maintenance work, lift your use of the instrument maintenance worries.

1, success is based on reaching goals
2, innovation is the soul of enterprise development
3, the speed and efficiency is the key to winning
4, the quality is the lifeline forever
5, the team is our most valuable asset
6, learn creative force is equal equal equal competitive vitality
7, the competitors are also our partners
8, to create maximum value for customers

Management philosophy
With cultural cohesion of the people, using the system to control human nature, life with brand success.

Solidarity, courage and hard work, learning and innovation, the pursuit of excellence, advancing with the times and social returns.

Service concept
Active communication, rapid response, and standardize management, attentive service.
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