1、  All of our products have 12 months warranty period, the warranty period free of all product maintenance costs (those not used improperly), the battery or the appearance of injury is not covered under warranty, but the warranty must be held by the user location repair station to Shenzhen between transportation costs.
2、  the warranty period for products other than maintenance, repair stations will be charged the cost of materials and labor costs, such as the user requires repair station repaired products will be shipped back to the user location, service stations shipping charge to the user.
3、  repaired outside the warranty period for products, such as the same device damaged again, within three months of free maintenance services stood, but the user must bear the one-way shipping charges.
4、  for any improper use or accidental damage caused by the instrument input and output channels and damage protection circuit device such as fuses, fusible resistor, and the consumption of batteries, the vulnerability of the connectors are not covered by the warranty, even during the warranty period , the maintenance costs are also borne by the user.
5、  If the user has maintenance capabilities, the company is not opposed to the user-yourself repair, in case of company policy allows, maintenance station can provide relevant drawings and parts.
6、  Maintenance contact details view product repair bill.
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